The Space Court Foundation

The Space Court Foundation is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit corporation that promotes and supports space law and policy education and the rule of law. The Space Court Foundation produces educational materials and scholarship through the administration of two major projects: Stellar Decisis and the Space Court Law Library Project. The Foundation engages in partnerships and collaborations that help grow greater awareness of space law and how disputes in space may be resolved as humans venture further from Earth in the not too distant future.

Coming Fall 2020

Hosted by co-creators Chris Hearsey and Nathan Johnson, Stellar Decisis is an animated episodic transmedia experience that examines the possible future of the practice of law and the administration of justice in space. Stellar Decisis examines how courts in the not too distant future might handle disputes on celestial bodies and in space. Each episode will include guest appearances by leading scholars and leaders in the space community who will serve as space court judges to examine and render a verdict in every episode. To follow and receive updates, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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Board of Directors


Board of Advisors

Space, Cyber, Telecommunications Law Program
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

International Institute of Air and Space Law
Leiden University

Space Court Video Series

Space Court Video Series brings together leading scholars and leaders in the space community to discuss important and timely issues relating to space activities and its impact on society and the rule of law.

Law Library

The Space Court Law Library brings together scholars and students to work on four major projects: 

    • The International Yearbook of Space Activities
    • Space Court Law Library website
    • The Space Law Dictionary Online
    • Space law archive projects

Internship 🚀

Our internship program is designed for you to make meaningful contributions to the study and research of space law. You do not need to be a law student to apply and all nationalities are welcome, though a strong proficiency in English is required. Successful applicants will have a 1-year renewable internship with the Foundation. Research could be for credit provided we have an agreement with your academic institution.  Individuals with strong computer programming, website design, and foreign language skills are strongly encouraged to apply. Familiarity with Google products including GSuite are preferable.   Projects you can contribute to: Space Court Law Library: an open-source reference for primary law sources
    • The International Yearbook of Space Activities
      • Engage in the research and analysis of primary source materials including the identification of national space laws and regulations, statements of foreign ministers and government officials relating to space activities and the legalities thereof, general principles of law, and custom
    • Space Court Law Library website
      • Work on developing and helping to execute a unique research platform for primary source space law materials
    • The Space Law Dictionary Online
      • Work on and update an online version of a space law dictionary of legal terms
    • Space law archive projects
      • Work on developing and helping to execute archive projects relating to the catalog and preservation of primary and secondary source materials
Areas of study:
  • Public and private international law
  • Public and private international space law
  • Comparative law
  • General principles of law
  • National space laws

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