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How does a lawyer, writer, and policy maker
An Irishman, dropped in the middle of the 20th century
In the Space Age by providence auspicious
And timely, grow up to be a leader and a scholar?

Welcome to the Haley Project podcast.

Over the next 12 months, the Space Court Foundation, a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit promoting space law education and the rule of law, will be highlighting the legacy of the world’s first practicing space lawyer, Andrew G. Haley, and his book, Space Law and Government, published in 1963.

In this podcast, we’ll first sketch Haley’s biography, and then walk through each of the 12 chapters in Haley’s book:

The Promise and Challenge of Space Endeavor

The Traditional Bases of International Law

National Consent to Overflight

The Limits of National Sovereignty

Sovereignty Over Celestial Bodies

Space Vehicle Regulation

Space Communications

Liability for Personal and Property Damages in Space Activity

Space Medical Jurisprudence

Intergovernmental Organizations in Space Activities

Nongovernmental Organizations


We’ll have matching programming on our YouTube channel, where panels of current experts will examine and update each chapter with everything that has happened in space law and policy over the past 60 years.

Check out more information about the Haley Project and the Space Court Foundation on our website, at spacecourtfoundation.org, or become a Patron to get early access to programming and materials, including an educational PDF of Haley’s book, at patreon.com/spacecourtfdn

You can follow us on Social Media, and you can subscribe to our YouTube channel, youtube.com/spacecourtfoundation

Thank you for listening.

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