Your Gateway to Space Law

Who Should Apply?

  • Current and incoming law students are encouraged to apply.
  • Applications from other disciplines are always welcome.
  • Passionate about space? You’re a fit! 
  • We value diverse educational and cultural backgrounds as well as your interests in space law & policy, international law, comparative law, research methods, space history, space science, astronomy, sociology, and media production.
  • Students of all nationalities are welcome.
  • Proficiency in English and familiarity with academic writing are essential.

What Will You Do?

  • Dive into the Space Court Law Library project, researching national space law and regulation for the Big Book of Space Law.
  • Engage in varied research tasks — an intellectual adventure in space law!
  • Research historical space law events and individuals.
  • Academic credit available for Internships and Externships (subject to your institution’s approval).

What Skills Are Beneficial?

  • Academic research and writing skills.
  • Multilingual? That’s a big plus.
  • Comfort with Google Workspace (was GSuite).
  • Knowledge of one or more national space governance systems.

Commitment & Application Details:

  • Initial three-month part-time role (5-10 hours weekly). After successfully completing this, you will have opportunities for larger roles within the organization. 
  • Advanced clerkships and other opportunities are available after that, including the opportunity to co-author and contribute to publications, and attend space law conferences.
  • More hours possible for credit-seeking students.
  • Apply anytime — we accept applications year-round.
  • More details are on the application form.


  • Work with our international team of highly dedicated and passionate space law professionals.
  • Work with other interns from around the world as part of a growing community of likeminded people
  • Take advantage of ample networking opportunities and exposure to our global community of space law researchers, academics, and practitioners
  • We value long-term relationships, and we support our interns throughout their careers. 

Join us in shaping the future of space law and policy!

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Media and Communication Internships

Amplify Our Voice in Space Law

Who Should Apply?

  • Open to all those passionate about space and communication, with or without a law background!
  • We’re looking for skills in social media, graphic design, web programming, and content writing.
  • Fluent in English? Perfect!
  • Multilingual? Even better.

What will you do?

  • Be an integral part of the SCF communications team.
  • Create, schedule, and manage engaging content.
  • Help shape our media and communication strategies.

What Skills Are Beneficial?

  • Knowledge of, and experience with multiple social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn, Instagram, Patreon, X/Twitter, Substack, and others.
  • Graphic design skills.
  • Social media content development.
  • Multilingual? That’s a big plus.
  • Comfort with Google Workspace (was GSuite).

Commitment & Application Details:

  • 3-month part-time engagement (10 hours weekly, with flexibility based on projects).
  • Join us anytime — we welcome applications throughout the year.

Ready to make an impact in space law through media and communications?

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Space Court Rapporteurs

Space Court Rapporteurs are advanced students of the Space Court Foundation’s internship program. Rapporteurs lead research groups and teams and engage in supervised independent research. Rapporteurs are on the path to life long relationships and leadership roles within the Foundation and our international community.

Space Court Advocates

Space Court Advocates are alumni of the Space Court Foundation’s internship program (either the clerkship or advocate positions). Advocates speak on behalf of the SCF internship program with their universities, student groups, and other programs for young professionals. Advocates might also be called upon to assist with internal SCF events for clerks and advocates or to speak at an outreach event along with the internship coordinator.

For more information, please contact our Internship Coordinators