Stellar Decisis examines how courts in the not too distant future might handle disputes in space, using real international law to argue hypothetical but plausible cases involving future space activity. In the premiere, one nation uses its nuclear arsenal to destroy an asteroid threatening Earth in the year 2050, with the unfortunate consequence of raining radioactive debris down on the far side of the Moon. A mix of governments and private companies file claims against that nation for damages suffered by lunar industry, and bring the first case to call for the Space Court.

The pilot episode was written by Space Court Foundation co-founders Chris Hearsey and Nathan Johnson, with story by Chris Hearsey and Nivedita Raju, all of whom also serve as directors and officers of the Foundation.

The pilot was animated by Meggie Sheehan, a motion designer who has worked for Google, Youtube, Toyota, and Ford. The music is by Charlie Harris, an independent musician and aerospace policy professional working in Washington, D.C. The pilot stars practicing space law attorneys Ryan Noble as the Applicant and Foundation Board Member Jessica Noble as the Respondent, Chris Hearsey and Nathan Johnson as court clerks, with special guest judges from the ranks of international space law and policy experts.